Welcome to CROWN AUTOPRO, proudly providing expert auto and light truck repair, and maintenance services to customers of the Fredericton area.

We begin by offering a host of FREE services, including on-line auto maintenance schedules for your car or light truck, followed up with friendly reminders that let you know when your car is due for service. It has never been easier or more convenient to keep your car or truck in top shape.

We also take the time to explain every job, and always provide you with an estimate in advance. You can be assured that our technicians have been trained to repair your vehicle – old and new alike – the very first time. And we always use the right parts for your vehicle.

Our friendly staff invites you to schedule an appointment for your next scheduled maintenance or repair. We are a full service shop and can handle both your basic requirements and your ultimate performance needs. From batteries, to brakes, to tune-ups — let us make sure your vehicle is reliable and safe.

Brian Cross

Quality of service, attention to detail, as a customer they make me feel important.

Rob English

They are always professional, pleasant to deal with and always charge what they tell you beforehand. They do not try and find additional work just to line their pockets. I fully trust them.

Vena P. Lewis

I have been dealing with Crown Auto for as long as they have been in the location they are in for twenty-one years.

Stephanie Leblanc

I have been going here for years and I am always pleasantly surprised with the customer service & personnel at this location. I have recommended their service to family and friends and have heard nothing but positive feedback from those that have taken the referral and joined this community. The people who work at this location make owning & maintaining a car a joy and I would, and do, highly recommend them to anyone. I never have to worry about my safety after my car has been serviced here, and I trust the opinions and advice of the staff here above any other. You have an amazing staff team, and I cannot stress that enough!

Brenda Valentino

I have been dealing with Crown Auto since I purchased my vehicle and I have always had a good experience with them. The team are very friendly. They make me feel very comfortable and will answer and explain any questions I have until I fully understand. I have always since purchased my car and will continue to highly recommend them to any people who are looking for a service center where they feel they can trust the service team’s advice and feel they are not being ripped off. These guys are my supermen and I would never replace them!

Darryl Johnston

It’s like walking into Cheers, everyone knows my name.

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